Definition of the Report is invalid when Deploying Report

  • I'm a little new to SSRS and I hope I can get some direction. I have a Report which consists of 4 different Subreports all in their own rectangle to facilitate page breaks (See attachment). Some of the Subreports were copied and slightly altered (new text) and some are used as is. They all run properly on their own. When I try to deploy the Parent Report, it indicates that the Report Definition is invalid.

    When I Preview the Parent Report, it errors with The SubreportParameter(ID).Value expression for the subreport subreport6refers to the field ClientID. Report Items can only refer to fields within the current dataset scope or if inside an aggregate, the specified dataset scope

    This Subreport uses ClientID and ClientType as parameters and I used this expression =First(Fields!ClientID.Value, "DataSet1"). This subreport has two datasets but both parameters exist in that dataset for that Subreport. When I look in the fields category, it indicates "Report Items not linked to a dataset" . The Parent Report has a dataset called "Dataset1" as well and I'm not sure if this is causing issues. Thanks for your help

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  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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