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  • This totally aligns with what I see. Where I work, I've seen two attempts at trying to adopt DevOps. And I was certain that I would be a part of it since I've been given the task of administering our ancient version of TFS. However, it's been more talking the talk, rather than walking the walk. When the announcements came out that we were adopting DevOps, I noticed a total disregard towards changing any processes. And the silos between dev and ops are as high as ever. Once I asked what was happening and how our adoption of DevOps was to take place, but no one would answer me. Finally, what I learned from people who left our organization, who happened to be in a better place than I to know what was going on. It appears that there's a simplistic view of DevOps. That DevOps is simply the tool to perform CI/CD. Just rub a little DevOps on it and presto change-o we've solved adolescent acne and the Federal deficient all in one go.

    I believe the change that's intended is to replace the old TFS with Azure DevOps Services, although that's taking more than a year and nothing has been done about that, either. In fairness, I've no idea how much Azure DevOps Services cost. And I know that cost is always the primary concern. However, I don't think the approach should be wait until TFS fails utterly and totally, resulting in a panicked response which may cost more overall.

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  • Heh... speaking of "better" for DevOps, I tried to rate the post and I'm logged in and yet it still says that I have to login to rate it and so I do and it still won't let me rate it.  For the record, email notifications for subscribed posts are still not working either.  I've emailed the WebMaster a couple of times and have gotten no reply and I just sent you one, as well, Steve.  I hope they can fix this issue soon... it's been broken since the last software update you spoke of, what, more than a week ago?

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  • Alex Yates has some strong opinions on DevOps engineers and I'm broadly in agreement with him.  My experience is that DevOps has become synonymous with a team responsible for spinning up infrastructure through code rather than a culture that brings development and operations together.

    In my early career I was in smaller organisations where all IT people did all IT tasks.  The technology footprint was small, and IT wasn't endemic or even really that important.

    What I've seen is that as organisations grow there is just too much going on to have everyone capable of doing everything.  Specialists and specialist teams started to emerge.  At one time the way companies were run was much closer to the military model with a chain of command.  Quite probably the senior managers really did have military experience.  I feel this hid fledgling communication problems because in that day and age management was largely a benign dictactorship.

    These days management styles are less dictatorial.  Somehow in the age of incredible communication technology constructive communication between specialisms seems to be struggling.  That is what DevOps is supposed to fix yet is seems to have been dragged down to Ops people using Dev tricks to do what they've always done.

    I know this is a sweeping generalisation and there are organisations that are closer to the vision of a DevOps culture.  My experience hasn't been quite so positive.  It's been some person senior has heard a buzzword, not quite understood it, decided to apply a few convenient facets of their misunderstanding and proclaim that they have a DevOps department.

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