Dealing with Failure

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  • Some of the best projects I've worked on were initiated in response to some failure (ie: v2 redesign of the v1 thing that failed). In the wake of a disaster, goals and funding get shaken up and re-prioritized. Not just in IT, but also in general, most innovation is in response to something.

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  • To Eric's point, my grandfather was a pioneer in Vibration Analysis, a field which developed in large part due to the Tacoma Narrows bridge disaster in 1940. There are lots of other use cases for needing to understand vibration mechanics, but that was certainly one of the more stunning representations.

    And apparently I am become Brent, destroyer of projects. Going to take Allen's suggestion and pair training with tasks for a while, see how that pans out.

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  • I wonder what's going through the minds of the Engineers at Boeing on the 737 Max issue right now.

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  • Steve,
    I subscribe to SQL ServerCentral not for the SQL Stuff alone.  In fact, I love the often off topics.
    This is a perfect example of why I love your newsletter, personal experiences, and informative stories from others.
    Don’t ever change that!

  • Thanks, Frank.

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