DBCC CheckDB errors

  • How can I identify automatically(like email alert if error shows up) through code if DBCC check db reported any errors.

  • I assume you're using something to automate the running of DBCC. When that something gets an error, have it send an email. That's it. So, how are you running DBCC?


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  • You could do something like this:

    NSERT INTO @Tmp    --> Internal SQL table

    EXECUTE('DBCC checkdb ('DBNAME')');

    SELECT * FROM @Tmp where field like '%ERROR%'



  • As part of a SQL jobs which dbcc's all user dbs and if any the dbs report an error then I need an email stating the same...that this db has dbcc errors.

  • Will try that.Thanks

  • Hello Grant/All,

    I have a some databases I would like to dbcc checkdb and sent an email alert if any errors occurs in any of the databases.

    I am running DBCC as part of a SQL Job. The DBCC runs through if no errors are found on any of the databases. But if there are errors , how do I tackle it.

    Lets say I have 10 databases if 3 dbs have errors I need an email stating the database names and just some text stating that the DBs have integrity issues. Nothing in detail. How do I achieve this.

    DB1 - Integrity Issue

    DB2 - Integity Issue

    DB3 - Integrity Issue


  • Please see the following article for how to capture the results for all databases.  What most people don't know is that most of the DBCC commands will allow for the WITH TABLERESULTS option (even though the MS documentation doesn't say so in most cases), which returns the output as a table without having to use trace flags, etc, etc.  That also means they can be captured into a table (personally, I'd probably not use a cursor like this does but there's no harm here).


    Once that is done, they can be queried for errors and the results of that final query can be sent by email in a couple of different ways. Read up on sp_send_dbmail at this next link.


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  • Have in working and Thank you Jeff !

    And happy retirement !! 🙂

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  • Thanks Jeff!


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