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    I am working as a DBA from past 8 years. There are shifts(eary morning, afternoon, night). I want to work in a day shift job. Which technologies are easy to learn and do not have night shift.

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    Tell people where you work that you've been there for 8 years and that you'd like to shift to the day shift.  The answer is no unless you ask.  If it's that important, there are plenty of other places that will have only a day shift with only casual night support.  It'll take a lot to shift "technologies" and they might not pay as well as being a DBA with 8 years of tenure.

    You could also shoot for things like data architect, etc, ad infinitum, which are all mostly day jobs.

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    For a 9-5 job, MI and BI skills will be stable roles - maybe power pivot etc, maybe R

    But beware , these will pay a lot less

    maybe move to a development DBA role? start mentoring the dev team ?? - at least you won't be on call


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