DAX For SQL Folks: Part I- Intro to DAX, Power BI and Data Viz

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    Frank Banin
    BI and Advanced Analytics Professional.

  • Great article and well written.  As a leader of our data analytics team, I am well versed in SQL and T-SQL and not DAX.  This series will go along way in helping me understand how Power B/I works with data.  When my team comes to me with questions, my context (SQL) is always different than theirs (DAX) and they have to interpret from my bias/experience into DAX - and not always successfully.  Now I will have a better understanding of their context and can direct my input in more constructive ways.  I am looking forward to the rest of the series!


  • This is a really useful article. Thank you.

  • Thank you for this.  Very good explanation of  DAX  for us SQL programmers.

  • Great concept.  Very effective way of teaching DAX by comparing it to something we are all very familiar with already.   A little feedback.  I found it confusing sometimes when you referred to the "one-to-many side" or "many-to-one side" of a relationship.  A more terse (loved your use of this word) explanation is "the one-side" or the "many-side", IMHO.  Also, could you please put a hyperlink on the "next installment of the series" at the end there?  Wanted to go straight to it, but couldn't.  : )

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