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    Hii everyone I am trying to build a report but the date format in the datasource is dd/mm/YY ,the parameter is the Date ,if i fix the date on the dataset it shows an empty report need help please§

  • drew.allen

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    Date fields do not have formats.  Formats are applied by the presentation layer.

    If you are storing "dates" in character fields, STOP IT!!!!! You should use the correct data type for the data.  Dates should be stored in DATE/TIME fields not strings except for storing them TEMPORARILY in string fields when loading data so that you can check for invalid dates.


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  • Jeffrey Williams

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    If your report parameter is not defined as a date - it should be...if you are calling a stored procedure and the input parameter is not defined as a date/datetime/datetime2 data type - it should be.

    If you are using CAST or CONVERT to modify the format of a column to a specific format - stop doing that.  Formatting a report column is much better done in the text field - especially since you can use a format that translates to the end users regional settings (if needed).

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