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  • Jo Pattyn


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    I'm looking for a technical reference on how fast-load work. Each buffer transfer seems to take longer

    Case: Transfer data from Oracle to SQL Server

    Dataflow Source: Oracle Oledb, fetchsize 50000, default buffer max rows 50000

    Dataflow Destination: SQL Server (fast-load), rows per batch 50000, maximum commit size 50000

    The transfers start quick, but as the transfer progresses the average oracle "SQL*Net message from client increases". From 2 seconds per 50000 to 8 seconds per 50000


  • Jonathan AC Roberts


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    Have you tried setting the fetchsize to the number of rows you are expecting from the query?

  • Jo Pattyn


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    Thanks for the recommendation. In progress of tuning the fetchsize from 50000 (semi-halt at 140 million records) to 10000. 500000 crashes the driver (unexpected termination)

  • heb1014

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    Have you tried splitting your input stream?  This technique really speeds up the load.




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