Database Mirroring is Back in Azure SQL Database

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  • Remember the company that we're talking about...

    It's the company that couldn't see the benefit of a series generator for more than 15 years and, when they finally did release it, it's a fairly crippled version that also breaks minimal logging.

    It's the company that initially released a text splitter that didn't return the ordinal position of the elements and had no way to guarantee the enumeration for such a thing.  Then, it took them 6 years to release a fix for that.

    It's the company that release a seriously crippled version of PIVOT... and still hasn't fixed that.

    It's the company that released the FORMAT function... which is a good 17 times slower (and sometimes much worse) than even some complicated versions of using multiple CONVERTs.

    It's the company that release SQL Server 2019 and 2022, which I've tested as being > 23% slower than SQL Server 2017 and that's just for code that only uses the CPU with no I/O.

    And those are just a few of the things that have gone seriously "underpowered" or have actually caused damage.

    And now they want to "bring back" mirroring?  Why on Earth would anyone trust that they not simply going to take it away again in a couple years?  Or, are they bringing it back because it will be profitable for them to do so on cloud hardware?

    --Jeff Moden

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