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    The question says 'not usually used to improve ... performance'. Is this a typo?

    I would have put the right answer of 'summary tables' on the side of 'usually used'.

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    Hi Ed,

    the word "not" was meant to be there.

    3 of the answers are usually used to improve DW performance (summary tables, partitioning and index), whilst 1 is not (backup).

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  • Jeff Deluca

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    I feel the question could have been worded better. Specifically, I am referring to this sentence:

    Which one of the following things that is not usually used to improve data warehouse query performance?

    That sentence sounds like it's asking: Which one of the following would help query performance but is not usually used?

    However, that is not what the question is really asking.

    I think removal of the word 'that' in the quoted QotD sentence above would help improve readability.

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