Data till transaction is commited

  • Hi All,

    II have a question on Transaction commit/rollback.


    My understanding is that untill a transaction is comitted, the modifications(inserts/updates/deleted) are not made on th disk ( datafiles).

    For Example if i am doing a bulk copy of millions of records from a flat file on to sql server table, untill all the records are bulkcopied and transaction completes successfully and a commit is issued explicitly and the data is NOT wriiten to disk, where is the data stored (FOR THAT TRANSACTION)till then?

    I mean where is the data stored till the transaction is completed and committed ? This could be really a large data can cache may not b ebig enough to hold this amount of data..?

    Please let me know



  • That data IS written to disk. It goes to the Transaction Log. When you commit it is moved to the database file (at checkpoint time) when you roll it back is freed in the Transaction log.



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  • Please see my answer here

    Well, not mine, but Kalen Delaney's.

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