Data Saturdays and SQLSaturday

  • Steve Rezhener wrote:

    I say let's just merge the 2 into while taking good from both and

    Why not  datasaturday ?!? Why do we need the "limitation" of sql instead of Data platform in general?!?

    I like the name DataSaturday much more than SQLSaturday

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  • includes both data and sql. i don't see how having more is making it less.

    all the existing sqlsaturday marketing material can stay the same. it will take time for prospective attendees to recognize the new brand, much like renaming McDonalds to McD. i think it's a win-win. btw, is already taken.


  • What is the "limitation"? Nothing is stopping any event from opening the door to more than just SQL stuff.

    Baton Rouge did this starting years ago and had a rather large attendance and at one time up to 700.

    We had an entire track just dedicated to .net stuff and their rooms were always packed. Heck, I tried to even get a precon with the devs, but fell through at the last minute.

    I don't see why you change the name SQLSatuday as it is already out there. I think more events just need to see what Baton Rouge did and run with it!!

    Now, will anyone come close to having Jambalaya for lunch or a Louisiana Dinner for the speakers? NEVER!!!!!!!!!!

    #sqlsatbr #batonrouge


  • FWIW, Argenis owns It's not like we couldn't come to an agreement with him if we asked nicely.

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