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    We have an on-prem SSRS (it's actually Power BI but same thing) instance - it's version September 2022.  In the SSRS configuration we have email setup using which works just fine most of the time.

    However, we have a need to sent emails to customers and they'd like them to come from instead.  When setting up a data-driven subscription, there is a field for a reply-to address to be set - but no matter what I put there, it still sends the email using the "no-reply" address.

    I've tried the MS forums and the only answer I got from anyone was to go into the SSRS config and change the address there...  but I don't want ALL of my emails going out as Accounting...  and if that is the case, why even have the Reply-To setting in the subscription?

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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