Data access from Oracle 7.1

  • Dear All,

    My requirement is to import the data from Oracle 7.1 (16 bit) into SQL 7.0 (32 bit).

    An early and clear response will be appreciated.


    Sanjeev Verma



  • You will need to install the Oracle client lincensed from Oracle. Then you can create a DTS package on the SQL Server to import the data on whatever basis you need but building that will require some thinking to avoid getting too much data.

  • Dear Antares,

    I mentioned oracle 7.1 is 16 bit and SQl 7.0 is 32 bit.

    Keeping this mind you have answered I suppose?

    Installing Oracle client : which version ? will it ask for 16/32 bit option ?


    Sanjeev verma



  • Ant further replies please

    ThanX in Advance




  • I believe it will require you to use the 16 client, I don't know for sure if the 32bit client supports otherwise and cannot get any answer from the guys at Oracle to confirm, I believe the 32bit client would be just fine. If you really want to be sure I suggest setting up a box with the 32bit client (you don't have to have SQL installed) and try connecting with SQL*PLUS, if works then 32bit is just fine.

  • Antares is correct, you will need to check using Oracle's clients. You can connect to 16 bit applications using a driver that supports that connection. It has nothing to do with SQL.

    Steve Jones

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