Custom OpenID Connect Authentication Provider for PowerBI Reporting Services

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    Hey SSC,

    I am in this kind of situation and am wondering if anyone has been around something like that, too.

    I'm trying to setup a PowerBI Reporting Services Environment with Kerberos authentication for internal users. Ideally we would like to share some of those reports with external users, too. If I had a choice I'd go with WAP and ADFS but we're required to use an existing OpenID Connect / OAuth 2.0 Infrastructure for authentication.

    Has anyone had a chance at creating a custom authentication provider for PowerBI or SSRS 2016? If so how did you solve the authorization part, via table? I've been researching online but most references are for adding data source with OpenID authentication which is not what I'm looking for.

    I do have a very detailed specification for the existing OpenID Connect infrastructure but I can't really find something useful as a reference how to implement such specification into a custom authentication provider.

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    At one point I looked into this because we got called into one of those "we want to slap a UI on our database" jobs.  Thankfully it didn't go anywhere.  For custom auth there's an extension .NET solution (CustomSecuritySample.sln) that contains login UI and a bunch of codegen/boilerplate C# and Sql.  The sample on GitHub is .NET full framework target version 4.0.  In the repo there's a folder called 'Setup' which contains CreateUserStore.sql.


    Solution file:

    Sql file:

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