Creating a table In SSRS that populates a SQL table

  • Hi i would imagine this is a straight forward request However i have a very simple 3 column table in SQL, and i would like the ability to have the option to insert into it from an SSRS report and potentially edit the data

    the SQL table consist of 3 colums ss_acode, ss_desc and ss_prod

    so i would like a user to be able to insert into these 3 columns from ssrs could this be done by creating a table in SSRS and then have some kind of Submit button

    I have tried but for the life of me do not know how to implement this into an SSRS table

    Thanks in advance

  • that's an odd request. Did you create a stored procedure to transform the table somehow? Could you post the SQL for it? I'm asking because you don't need SSRS for this at all. As a matter of fact, SSRS would make it much worse. I would just do something like this in SSMS:

    INSERT INTO #TempTable

    EXEC StoredProcedureName @param1='value1', @param2= 100;

    and you're finished. No SSRS at all.

  • Im quite new to SQL so i um unfamiliar with Stored Procedues, the reason i would like to do it in SSRS is because the users do not have access to the SQL Server

  • Why not a simple .NET form to insert into a SQL Server table?

  • This is all the SQL table is

    SELECT TOP (1000) [ss_acode]



    FROM [Opera].[dbo].[SalesCodes]

    and i just want the User to have the Ability to populate from a nice table in SSRS

  • I would also potentially like the user to be able to edit the column ss_prod

  • Have you seen these links?

    Sounds like you want a CRUD application.

    CREATE means adding or inserting rows into a table.

    READ means selecting (retrieving) rows from a table.

    UPDATE means modifying rows in a table.

    DELETE means removing rows from a table.

    You are not going to find a lot or resources on doing this with SSRS since the tool is not designed to do this. Possible? Probably but you likely have better options.

    Preferably build a simple application like pietlinden suggested in previous post.

    If you don't have app development expertise available I would look at a MS Access database with a linked table to SQL server or importing a csv file with SSIS or BULK Insert.

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