Creating a Database Diagram in SSMS - SQL School Video

  • Brian Knight

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  • sho-467341

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    this video doesn't work for me.

    i'm using windows XP and IE.


  • Jim Russell-390299

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    Nice introduction. I agree it (the database diagram tool) the has some nice features, but it also scared the hell out of me. As I recall, when I decided to document some relationships, it wanted to create corresponding constraints in my database (which, for other reasons, I can't have.) In other words, I was left with the fear that I could much too easily change my dbs in an attempt to provide some documentation. I came away with the feeling that it was not a documentation tool, but a high level design tool. Having stumbled over the limitations of other "high level" tools (like the view designer), I decided to avoid it.

    Did I dismiss it without giving it a good chance?

  • DPhillips-731960

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    I'd have to say the ability to throw down a model that creates in hurry is one of the nicer features of this particular tool. The one thing I would like to see added (and still don't get why it is still not there) is the ability to show the relational lines going exactly to the field in the table object list to which they are related. Few tools there are indeed that have this, but those that do have had it for years... like MS Access... since the early '90s... along with the ability to print within the platform...

    It seems that every ERD design/modelling tool has some missing feature somewhere.

    At least the abilty to change fields, add relationships, and add tables directly in the designer has been nice.

    Good opening tutorial video and audio presentational skills, Brian!

  • Anipaul


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    Nice presentation....

  • Alasdair Thomson

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    Nice demonstration, but I find the SSMS tool very poor for creating the diagrams I need, still experimenting with Visio, Visual Studio and Red Gate.

  • Chris-486654

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    I've tried to run this tool against my SQL2005 database of roughly 4000 tables and it always seems to hang or grind to a halt. Please advise.

    Or is there a 3rd party tool that can handle 4000 ERP tables?

    Please contact me offline if that is more appropriate!

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