Create a report to count the # of days a physician has a case assigned

  • Hi,


    I need to create a report that has created date, physician name, case #.  I need to display the following in the report.

    Average # of days a physician had the following number of cases assigned:





    Here is my query.

    select a.accession_no, a.created_date, p.last_name, p.first_name, p.mid_name, p.full_name
    from accession_2 a
    join acc_role_assignment r on = r.acc_id
    join personnel_2 p on = r.assigned_to_id and role_id = 2
    where created_date >= @StartDate and created_date < = @EndDate

    I'm not sure how to do this in my report.  I can group on created date, then on physician to get the # of cases per day and per physician, but I'm not sure how to do the above, can someone give me some tips and ideas on how to get started?


    thanks a bunch!


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  • #GotData?

    Without a table with some data, it's hard to help.

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