Considerations for Data Warehousing

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  • I'm not an expert on Data Warehousing, so I can't comment too much on the content, but the article needs editing to fix some grammar, etc.

    Maybe stripping should be striping?

    Good article, though.

  • What did surprise me was the mentioning of Oracle 10g having the facility to choose between setting for either OLTP or DWH. I know DB2 tackled that many, many years ago. Anyway, Oracle may be a choice for OLTP, but stay away from it for Datawarehouse purposes. You're much better off with the latest DB2 version (which, by the way work truly great under Windows as well!)

  • In item 4 of your article you say "For an example of these calculations on how to estimated the required disk space for a data warehouse, please contact me."

    I'd like to get those calculation formulas please. my address is

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