Connection problems from a dual-NIC client

  • We have a dual-NIC computer that straddles the DMZ; one NIC is on a DMZ subnet and the other is on an internal subnet. (I didn't set it up, don't bother pointing out what a bad idea this is.)

    A program on this computer needs to connect to an internal SQL Server. When it uses the correct NIC it succeeds, when it tries using the DMZ NIC it is blocked by firewall rules. We've tried connecting by IP address instead of host name to get it to use the correct NIC, but it still fails half the time.

    Any suggestions on how to force the choice of NIC for a SQL Server OLDEB connection?

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    Now, check your routing table on the client - it should be re-configured to always send traffic via the internal nic for your sql server.

    You will want the "if interface" option...


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  • Thanks, that solved the problem.

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