Connecting to SS2016 from Visual Studio 2015

  • NOTE: Due to vendor requirements and not my own preferences I am using SSRS (rdlc type) via VS 2015

    If I can on my workstation I connect my copy of SSMS (v18.6) to a cloud based instance of SQL Server 2016 using SQL Server authentication than on that same machine should I also be able to connect to that same cloud based SQL Server instance using the same authentication but from within Visual Studio 2015?

    I'm working on an RDLC type of SSRS report and I'd like to preview the report within VS instead of having to edit it, save the changes to an external file and then copy that file to the vendors site and use the vendors proprietary software to then run the report and see the changes.

    I'm not near as versed with VS as SSMS so I'm hoping this is doable and I've just missed some setting in VS.

    In case its relevant, here is an example of the connection from SSMS ( the IP and names have of course been changed):\MYSQLSERVER_11_V,1433

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  • I think that it should work just fine.  I have used most versions of VS from 2010 through 2019 to build reports for various versions of SSRS (2008 R2 through 2016).  Currently I am on VS 2017 building reports for SSRS 2016 without any issues.

    Connecting to SQL server should be independent of the tool you use.  If you can connect via SSMS, you will be able to connect using the same method from VS.

    Basically, you make either a new report or open an existing one and then you will need to create the data source to connect to the SQL instance.  Visual Studio has good helper windows to build the connection string or there are a LOT of websites out there to help you build up the connection string.

    You will need to install the proper addon tools to build SSRS reports in VS, but this applies to any version of VS, not just 2015.  The method is just a bit different depending on the version.  2017 and newer have it in the new updater tool.  Older versions need to download SSDT (if I remember right).

    Things I personally haven't done:

    Connect from VS to a CLOUD based SQL instance (such as Azure), but I've connected from my local machine to another machine without incident.

    Connected from VS to a SQL instance using SSL, but I can't see why this wouldn't work with the proper connection string.


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