Compare data with previous period

  • Hi All,

    I want to compare data of current period with previous period. sample table n data is below.

    create table #tempdata
    Country varchar(50),
    Fiscal_year varchar(50),
    Posting_period varchar(50),
    Amount float

    insert into #tempdata(Country,Fiscal_year,Posting_period,Amount) values

    SELECT * From #tempdata c
    order by c.Country ,c.Posting_period desc

    By using above data , I want output as below.


    Please help.







  • If the totals are already aggregated this way - then you can do this:

       With currentYear
    As (
    Select t.Country
    , t.Fiscal_year
    , t.Posting_period
    , t.Amount
    From #tempdata t
    Where t.Fiscal_year = year(getdate())
    Select cy.Country
    , cy.Fiscal_year
    , cy.Posting_period
    , CurrentYearAmount = cy.Amount
    , PreviousYearAmount = coalesce(py.Amount, 0.00)
    From currentYear cy
    Left Join #tempdata py On py.Country = cy.Country
    And py.Fiscal_year = year(getdate()) - 1
    And py.Posting_period = cy.Posting_period;

    If you have other code that is performing the aggregation - it might be easier to cross-tab the data at the same time as the aggregation, would have to see that other code to be sure.

    Jeffrey Williams
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  • Thank you so much Jeffrey Williams. Its working for me



    Abhas J.

  • Since you're using a version of SQL Server that's 2012 or above, here's a method that eliminates the need for a self join and the extra reads that go with it.

        WITH ctePrev AS
    SELECT c.Country
    ,Current_Year_Amount = c.Amount
    ,Prev_Year_Amount = LAG(c.Amount,1,0) OVER (PARTITION BY c.Country, c.Posting_period ORDER BY c.Fiscal_year)
    FROM #tempdata c
    WHERE c.Fiscal_Year >= DATENAME(yy,DATEADD(yy,-1,GETDATE()))
    SELECT *
    FROM ctePrev prv
    WHERE prv.Fiscal_Year = DATENAME(yy,GETDATE())
    ORDER BY prv.Country, prv.Posting_period DESC

    --Jeff Moden

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