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    Is there a way in T-sql get the defined COLUMN DESCRIPTION text (One of the Column properties when you're in 'design table'-mode)??




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    You could look at the syscomments table for the data or use the preferred fn_listextendedproperty which works but takes a bit to use, check out BOL for more information.

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  • G.R.Prithiviraj Kulasingham

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    The SysProperties Table has the description.

    the name should be 'MS_Description'

    Here I have a sample code

    select O.Name [Table_name], [Column_Name],

    p.Value [description]

    From dbo.SysObjects O,

    dbo.SysColumns C Left Outer Join

    (select id, smallid, name, Value from dbo.SysProperties

    Where Name = 'MS_Description') P

    On = and P.smallid = C.Colid

    Where = and ObjectProperty(, 'ISUSERTABLE')=1

    Order By, c.colid

    If you have different users owning tables with same file names You may have to add the table_schema too.


    Prithiviraj Kulasingham

  • Antares686

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    Sorry about that sysporperties is correct. Having a murphy day here. ANyway you should learn to use the function thou as MS states system changes can change between versions but functions should remain the same.

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