Christmas Competition

  • Hi All, hope you don't mind me double-posting for this

    In one of the other threads we've been discussing an online game that one of our sister companies has produced (read about it here

    Anyway, because it's christmas i've decided to open up a competition for people at SQLServerCentral, details are below in the extract from a post i made on the 3rd page.

    Here's a nice thought that i've just had; i propose we have a competition for people on this site (away from everything else that's going on).  To enter send me a PM with your login and the email address that you used to register the game and after the new year (coz i'm off till then) i'll produce a leader board just for the entrants, with the winner getting a small prize (something internet gift voucher related, i'm open to suggestions)

    I just hope i'm in the top 10, and higher than certain other people in the forum

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  • Well, as promised the results are in and the winner of the furthest Santa Toss is .....

    drum roll please...


    I was a bit disappointed at the take up but what the hell, it's not like you had to do it

    I'll be in touch in a couple of days to sort out the prize, or if you can't want PM me and i'll do it sooner


  • WOW!!! - what a nice way to start the new year - splly. since I'd forgotten all about Santa and kicking him across rooftops - I did give him a fleeting thought a couple of days ago but had too much work to "catch up" to indulge in frivolities.....

    Though the sad truth is that I'm the winner not because I was the best but because there were not enough competitors, I won't let it detract from the joy of winning...

    ps: Mike - I saw this movie called "Goal" on the flight back from Spain and thought of you immediately.... - have you seen it ?!?!

    pps: Hope you had great hols!

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  • Also forgot to add that today is my b'day - which started becoming really depressing after I turned ## - - so thanks for that mood perk!!!

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  • You are more than welcome, and happy birthday too

    If it makes you feel better you came out 192nd out of around 20,000 people, so i wouldn't be too disheartend


  • Thanks Mike - and 192nd out of 20,000 does make me feel better!

    Went back for a last dekko at Santa and saw a top score of 1900 - tell me that that's data manipulation and not skill with the mouse...

    Before we lay Santa to rest completely, could you pleeeeeeeeeeease find out what "path" Santa must traverse for the score to go over the 1000 mark...I'm dying to know and I'll never find out by trying on my own...

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  • Hey, aren't we making this a year end tradition???

    Ronald San Juan | SQL DBA
    ID 710124 ~ Code "Northwind"

  • Ron - you must've read my mind...have been meaning to ask Mike this for some time now...and of course now it's (almost) too late...

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  • Lol, zim zalla bim, your wish is granted

    not that I can even get onto the scoreboard this year

    Merry Christmas,


  • sigh - as always don't know whether to thank you or to rail at you Mike....I look at my personal best which's been 407665 and I wait for the leaderboard to update with the new reigning first...then I look closer and realize all the names up there already have 7 digits...SEVEN....

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  • You're welcome

    If it makes you feel better then my highest score is just over 700,000, I was on the leader board for just 5 mins before getting kicked off.

    I have no idea how anyone can get a couple of million, neither do our developers that wrote the game

    It must have kept going for 10-15 mins

  • I could always hack the DB so that I was on top, but where's the fun in that

  • Why don't you hack it so that I'm on top...I'll try and get my fun other ways....

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  • but that would be immoral, so would hacking the DB

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