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    Paul Randal
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  • Joy Smith San


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    Very good question. I gave a wrong answer. This question made me realise that, I need to focus more on this topic.

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    Thanks Paul. Excellent question. I learned quite a bit about checksums for this question (most of it coming from your blog).

    Jason...AKA CirqueDeSQLeil
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    Thanks for an excellent question.

    /Håkan Winther
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  • Kelsey Thornton


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    Nice QOTD

    Kelsey Thornton

  • Christian Buettner-167247


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    I knew I was gonna miss this QOTD as soon as I read the name "Paul Randal" 😀

    Best Regards,

    Chris Büttner

  • Tom Garth


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    Its a topic I covered a couple weeks back while studying for the exam. It made my day to get it right.


    Tom Garth
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    Great QOD Paul. Really had me digging deep, and ALMOST got me:-)

    Steve Jimmo
    Sr DBA
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  • Dave62


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    Nice question!

    I spent 5 minutes reading here:

    It does not give the specific answer but I was able to deduce the correct answer from the information given.

    An excellent balance of difficulty without controversy. Well done!


  • John McC

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    Good job I've got Paul's blog bookmarked 😉

    Normal chaos will be resumed as soon as possible. :crazy:

  • Trey Staker

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    I really liked this question, I had to really think about it. 😀

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  • KevinC.


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    Excellent QotD. Thanks Paul.


    Kevin C.

  • Ray K


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    Argh! I went through the answers and thought, "this sounds like the best one." For some reason, "none of the above" didn't register!

    Oh well. C'est la vie.

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  • Peter Trast

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    Got me! I (improperly) assumed WITH CHECKSUM and chose the backup answer... silly me... thanks AGAIN Paul!

    --The devil IS in the details... get out of there pointy ears, I'm trying to work here...--

    Peter Trast
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