Changing Table Schema – what goes behind the scenes – Part I

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  • Can this post be made more readable. The code part which contains almost everything is messy and mot understandable.

  • The formatting has been corrected.

  • Thanks for putting the time in to explain this. I have now discovered why a particular table got fragmented. Someone added fixed and variable length fields, poulated with default values and made them NOT NULL.

    Thanks again,


    Thomas LeBlanc, MVP Data Platform Consultant

  • Thank you - wonderful initiative to help us see stuff that may make a real difference in troubleshooting performance issues.

    See elsewhere how Hugo Kornelis, armed with this knowledge, helped me solve an issue where a non-indexed heap increased in size after changing a field from CHAR to VARCHAR (instead of decreasing) - that's because the pages were never rebuilt. This article is showing everyone how to analyse this!

  • There is a very fine line between basing an article on a book (Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2005: The Storage Engine - by Kalen Delaney) and plagiarizing it.

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