Chaining Replication

  • I have just been introduced to a situation where someone proposes to set up replication in a chain topology. With 4 servers involved, Call them A, B, C, and D, they want to use transactional replication from A to C, and From B to D, and then merge replication between C and D, like this:






    I just cringe at the idea of this, but it really needs to be done, according to the business needs. Does anyone currently run a similar topology of replication successfully? How did they overcome the inherent issues with this?

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  • Does all kind of replication involves the same articles, I mean the same tables?

    Because publisher A will undone any changes that the subscriber D made and that will be replicated to C with Merge replication.

  • Yes, the tables replicated are the same. However, the data will be partitioned by data ranges within the tables (In a reliable manner I pray....).

    What you mention is also one of the reasons it makes me cringe.....and I am looking for anyone who has seen anything like this work....

  • I never use a situation like yours, the only problem I can think of is the one I told you. Can you try instead of using merge replication, using transactional replication with updating between server A to D?

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