Career Advice: Data Warehouse Architect/Modeler

  • Maybe some of you would share your thoughts about my situation.

    I´m working in a mid-sized SQL Server environment as a typical SQL Server engineer (you may call me DBA as well). Everything is OK, so far.

    Due to surprising and fortunate circumstances I got a job offer as trainee for data warehouse architect/modeler (SQL and NoSQL) for a very big cloud data warehouse, the company is a hidden IT champion in Europe and very successful and inovative. But  for the first 2 years the salary will be low.

    Do you think it would be worth to switch into data warehouse modelling? Will all this cloud data warehousing stuff have good career potential in future?

    I am very interested in these topics, but I am not sure if this career switch offers a sustainable professional perspective and will pay off in the end.

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  • I'd say that DW in the Cloud is on the rise and is probably a safe bet.

    That, notwithstanding, ask yourself what your passion is (not to mention the finances of taking lower pay with no apparent written guarantee of higher pay after 2 years, which may be worth it).  What is the potential for this offer and will you enjoy it even after those 2 years?  I know... tough questions but only you can answer them.

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  • Thanks your response.

    Yeah, I think the most important question is if this is really my passion. My hope is to build up additional expertise beside my humble SQL Server knowledge.

    I´m optimistic that the company will be still appealing after the 2 years, rumors say that it is planned to create 1000 new IT jobs annually and to become a global player by 2025, so there will be something interesting in every area.

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