Can't drop, detach or set SUSPECT database to emergency mode

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    I have a database in a dev enviroment that is in SUSPECT mode. This is 2005. I don't need to recover the database. It is just development and the users can restore and/or upgrade from backup. I just want to remove it. I have browsed the forums but have not found a way to do it. Here is what I tried and the messages I received back:

    > drop database my_database

    Msg 926, Level 14, State 1, Line 1

    Database 'my_database' cannot be opened. It has been marked SUSPECT by recovery. See the SQL Server errorlog for more information.

    > EXEC sp_detach_db 'my_database';

    Msg 3707, Level 16, State 2, Line 1

    Cannot detach a suspect database. It must be repaired or dropped.


    Msg 926, Level 14, State 1, Line 1

    Database 'my_database' cannot be opened. It has been marked SUSPECT by recovery. See the SQL Server errorlog for more information.

    Msg 5069, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

    ALTER DATABASE statement failed.

    I am not sure what else to try. Is there a way to force a db to be dropped?

    I can't open/view the errorlog (another issue, perhaps related?). I get an error message saying "Unicode File expected". Our RAID 5 had some issues last week and the systems guy fixed that. There are also 5 dbs whose state is "Recovery_Pending". I mention this in case it is all related and that it might help. I would like to remove these as well but I will tackle one issue at a time. 🙂


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    Drop database <DBname> should work irrespective of the state.

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    Ok. I did it by brute force. I stopped Sql Server. Renamed the data file. When I brought Sql Server back up, the database was no longer marked as "suspect" but it could not be accessed either.

    I issued EXEC sp_detach_db my_database. It returned with a warning but it appears to have worked. Then I just deleted the .mdf and .log files.

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    Next You have database on SUSPECT and You don't need to recover it, right click it and choose Delete. I did that way several times.

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    just mail to me at, i'll mail SUSpect recovery utility to you.

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    Please note: 3 year old thread.

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    am als having the same problem

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    vinod.s81 (1/4/2014)

    am als having the same problem

    What have you tried? Did you try any of the solutions on this thread? Did you try any other solutions? What have you tried?

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