can anyone give me an example of using current_timestamp / current_user in bcp format file?

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    I tried to use current_timestamp / current_user in bcp format file to populate columns in a table, I failed to find an example in books online. (add default to columns is not an option here)

    Here is my table:

    create table t1 ( a int, b datetime, c varchar(10))

    Here is my test.dat:




    Here is my testfm.xml that needs to be modified:

  • SanjayAttray


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    From the post what I understand is you are loading the data of txt file to a table using bcp.

    for datatime you can put getdate() as default value and for username column put (suser_sname()) as default value in the table. It would give you both current username and also date.

    CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Table1] (

    [col1] [int] NOT NULL ,

    [col2] [varchar] (50)NOT NULL ,

    [col3] [datetime] NOT NULL

    ) ON [PRIMARY]



    CONSTRAINT [DF_Table1_col2] DEFAULT (suser_sname()) FOR [col2],

    CONSTRAINT [DF_Table1_col3] DEFAULT (getdate()) FOR [col3]


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    unfortunately using defaults on table is not an option here. company policy.

  • Jeff Moden

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    Never import directly to the final destination table... import into a staging table... should be able to use a default on a staging table but, if not, just update the column which you should be able to define as non-null.

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