Can an Azure Public Endpoint access/login be restricted to select Applications?

  • WARNING: Not an Azure veteran by any means (barely a newbie)  so may ask some very dumb questions

    We've hired a 3rd party to migrate an on prem SQL Server DB to Azure and develop a cloud based solution to replace the current MS Access based application that has been accessing/using the SQL Server DB.  They have migrated teh DB to Azure and have asked me to test connecting to the Public Endpoint setup for this. They've also provided the connection strong to use. I've tried connecting using both Azure Data Studio (ADS) and SSMS and both return teh same error

    Cannot open server "" requested by the login

    My question is can a Public Endpoint be setup such that a connection will not work unless your using a specific application like Microsoft Access? I ask because my boss asked me (after informing of teh error) if I had tried connecting using MS Access.  I had not considered that because in the past (when not dealing with Azure) anytime there was a question about connecting some SQL Server DB I always used SSMS to test connecting regardless of what kind of application would be the one that eventually connected to and used the DB. I did this because I was testing to verify I could connect period and not if the application that would be using teh data could because there could be an issue with connecting via the application that has nothing to do with teh connect info (ie the connection string details).  Now that we're using Azure I'm asking myself if I can't connect because somehow you can configure a Public Endpoint such that you can't successfully connect except by using a designated application like MS Access.

    Is it possible that the endpoint will not allow a connection unless its from MS Access?



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  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • I am not aware of any method to have the endpoint only allow connections from a certain application(s).  S

    If that is the exact error message you are receiving that makes me suspect that you are using "" as the server name when it should be <mysqlservername>

    If you are using the proper sql server name then it seems as the public endpoint is not accessible, maybe the firewall rules being used don't allow your ip address.  You would probably need to work with your 3rd party to help resolve that.

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