Can a file item task correct "overflowed the disk I/O buffer" error

  • ok quick question,

    we have an automated file transfer each night for the past 4 days it failed with "overflowed the disk I/O buffer" on one of the fields in the file

    the files have been moved by the job that does the transfer to the error map,this is done by a file task in the package

    when I run those files through a test enviroment version of the package it gives me 0 errors,both doing in a job or manual from visual studio we receive no errors

    could it be that the move file task corrected the file,since I found out that this can be caused by a coruption in the file

    I have asked the provider to give me an extra copy for the file in a debug map so I can check out if an original files gives this error

  • Hi there. This sounds like an SSIS (Integration Services) question and not a SQLCLR question. If so, there is probably a more appropriate forum that will get this answered much faster.

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