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  • Hi

    I have below query & want to display Balance also.

    Declare @frDate Date
    set @frDate = '2022/08/18'
    Declare @toDate Date
    set @toDate = '2022/08/18'
    Select T0.code,
    (select sum (Credit-Debit) from J1 where refdate <= @frDate and name = T0.Code)
    - (select Amount from Customer where code = T0.Code) 'Opening Balance',
    (Select sum(Amount) from order A0 where A0.code = T0.code and between @frDate and @toDate) 'Sales',
    (Select sum(value) from Pay A0 where A0.code = T0.code and between @frDate and @toDate) 'Payment'
    from order T0 inner join Customer t1
    on T0.code = t1.Code where
    and T0.Date between @frDate and @toDate
    group by T0.Code


  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • Balance is basically a running total of deposits minus a running total of withdrawals. (Well, maybe starting with a monthly balance, because recalculating that all the time from the first date is computationally expensive).

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