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  • Good one.Thanks


  • I would hope that MS gets that fixed soon!!

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  • where are guys from?

  • I though the answer was quite obvious really :hehe:

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  • Whats this question go to do with anything?


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  • Stuart Davies (9/30/2011)

    I though the answer was quite obvious really :hehe:

    Me too, sadly I was wrong!

  • Good question.

    And that's what I always wondered: is Microsoft dropping support for BIDS in favor of a new technology?

    This happened with Report Builder which is now being dropped because of Project Crescent and other upcoming features.

    Best regards,

    Best regards,

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  • good question!!!!

    a good weekend, for all!!!!

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  • good question - was surprised that is not widely known with barely 50% answering this correctly as of this post.

    good point from this question if you are being proactive and planning upgrade paths that also consider the tools associated with SQL Server development. 😎


  • what a ugly question

    I pity the question poster's mind ...

    Go and have a chill pill



    Sushant Kumar

  • Got it wrong. I thought it seemed too easy and it was.

  • I'm not sure if this will come into play where I work but it's definitely worth knowing in case it does. Thanks for the question.

  • Interesting. Definately something to keep in mind.

  • Great Friday question. One of the things I like about 2008 was that the latest version of Visual Studion matched the latest version of SQL server.

    Can some confirm that the next version of SQL server will use VS 2010?


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