Building Automated Backups

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  • Im curious why you elected to use devices rather than just backup directly to a file?

  • Being a newbie  - I found this to be very educational at the TSQL, SQL Architecture, and Best Practices level.  Thanks for sharing!

  • I'm also curious, because you could avoid a stept. In fact, I'm always using backup files rather than devices.

    I've enjoyed the way of doing it. Really nice 🙂

    Thank you !!

  • Actually, I'll go one further - why not build a Maintenance Plan (actually three - one for the full backups, one for the 15-minute transaction log backups, and one for the 4-hour differential backups).  You can specify all user databases, and set up another Maintenance Plan for your system databases.


  • In first place i usually use MS SQL backup devices (logical backup devices) because is easier to, check, control and it’s well organized in SEM or in SMS. You can abstract yourself if you define them to go on tape, disk/san or network.

    A part of that using a logical backup device is easier to refer than a physical device (file in the system) name, it’s easier when you can for instance call to the logical device name backup Licensed_Cars and call to the  physical device name backup <drive>:\<path>\LCFull.bak.



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  • Each of you must implement what you feel more comfortable to work to. In my article, just altering the scripts to use files instead of MS SQL backup devices, and everything will work that way.


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  • One thing I don't get is how the transaction log backup devices are reinialized. It just seems that log backups would get appended w/o an end. am I missing something?

  • almost forgot, if already using osql, why involve DTS in the picture? wouldn' it be just as easy to run your query using OSQL and use the output of that query as the input for the next?

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