build a line number column in a table

  • talziv


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    Hi all

    I need to build a line number column in a table

    MemberChildKey int

    MemberKey int

    ChildId int

    ChildName int

    LineNumber int

    The Column LineNumber should be filled separately for each MemberKey, and always starting from 1

    Thanks all for your time


  • Antares686

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    Can you provide an example. This is not clear to me.

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  • talziv


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    Here it is:


    1 1 123 A 1

    2 1 456 B 2

    3 2 789 C 1

    4 2 234 D 2

    5 2 345 E 3

  • rcavill

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    You would need a cursor to step thru each MemberKey value, then update the table the incrementing sequence number within each MemberKey. This is done with the "... set ... @mbrseq=@mbrseq+1 " in the update statement.

    /* start of script */

    declare @mbrid int -- current member

    declare @mbrseq int -- sequence number for current member

    declare @continue int

    select @continue = 1

    declare cMember Cursor for select distinct MemberKey from myTable

    open cMember

    while @continue = 1 begin

    /* next cursor read */

    fetch next from cMember into @mbrid

    if @@FETCH_STATUS <> 0 begin

    select @continue = 0



    /* update sequence numbers for current member */

    select @mbrseq=0

    update myTable

    set LineNumber=@mbrseq,


    where MemberKey = @mbrid


    close cMember

    deallocate cMember

    /*end of script */


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