Breaking Biometrics

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  • Spent the day washing things.  Next day, finger print scanner couldn't recognise my fingerprints. Started working again about 24 hours later.

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    However, if I were carrying around data that was more important than the work I do now or data worth a lot of money, I don't know I'd ever enable biometrics.

    What is the alternative? Good old passwords (maybe even the name and day of birth of your kids), that can be recorded by a small camera hidden in the plant next to your place in a coffee shop (when you have THAT important data, I assume someone will do a personalized attack onto you)? Or a YubiKey / hardware token which is prone to good pickpocketing?

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  • So my personal laptop has a fingerprint sensor, and I do use it, but there's nothing on the laptop that would cause me grief if someone gained access to it (well, OK, they could connect the VPN to my home network and cause mischief there, I should fix that.)

    Now, my WORK laptop?  No fingerprint sensor and to sign in requires 3 things (presuming you're starting from power-off)

    1. The key to get past Bitlocker (NOT something related to myself, it was set by corp policy)

    2. My hardware certificate card

    3. My PIN for my certificate

    We're regularly put through training that drills into our heads "take your cert card with you, even if you're just going across the room" and regular visits from higher-up security staff who wander about the facility looking for people who left the cards in their computers and aren't RIGHT THERE.

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