Big Data for SQL folks: The Technologies (Part I)

  • Will the Big Data replace Data Warehouse technology? The experts say no.

    However, Big Data will change the way we look at data. Good article, nice summary.

  • [Can any suggestion a book for beginners in Big data .

  • Hi,

    I can recommend this book to understand the Big Data fundamentals: Big Data by Nathan Marz and James Warren[/url]

    And then just try to make your hands dirty and download a preconfigured virtual machine with Hadoop, follow the tutorials and do it by yourself.

    I can recommend the Hortonworks Sandbox and its learning material, but you should also take a look at different options like MapR M7 or Cloudera CDH4, etc.

    Have fun

    Paul Hernández
  • Obligatory:[/url]

    (NSFW language).

  • Thank you for this article about big data. I woud like to know where IBM's flagship database IMS would fit in as it is also a file based system and is non relational ?

  • Good day and thank you for this article. It is surely a learning curve awaiting us dbas. I would like to know if IBM's flagship database system, IMS, will become more popular in the future , in the light of the BIG Data Phenomena ?

  • I agree - simple and informative

  • This is hands down the best big data article I have read in some time. We'll done sir, very informative yet concise. 5 stars!

    "I cant stress enough the importance of switching from a sequential files mindset to set-based thinking. After you make the switch, you can spend your time tuning and optimizing your queries instead of maintaining lengthy, poor-performing code."

    -- Itzik Ben-Gan 2001

  • Not a bad article. This may be pedantic, but I am very hesitant to use the word "unstructured" when discussing data of any kind. "unstructured" data is simply noise - there is no information there. Data, by definition, has structure, even if it's a just a stream of log data or tweets.

  • Good article, thanks for the info.

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