Basics of XML and SQL Server, Part 3: Transform and Shred XML in SSIS

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  • Thanks Stan for the great post,

    One thing I found with SSIS and XML is it is relatively easy to deal with the simple xml but very hard when working on the complex xml. We have resolved to SQLXMLBulkLoad and hand coded the link between XML element/attributes in the XSD.

    Since I don't know much about XSL, not sure how good the XSL transformation is with the complex XML.

    My definition of the complex XML: has multiple parent-child hierarchies, one example is xml containing company, customer, transaction and statement data.

    Have you used your solution on the complex xml in the past?


  • In Part 4, I show how to stream an XML invoice which has multiple parent-child hierarchies very similar to what you are talking about. In Part 5 I show how to stream and send invoices to multiple vendors from an SSIS package. I am writing Part 6 right now, which shows how to shred an invoice, just as you are asking. In part 7, which I haven't started yet. I will show how to shred multiple incoming invoices each having distinct schemas.

    Part 4, coming out next week, gives you in inverse view of how to handle shredding. It will probably give you a pretty good idea of where I am headed.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for the quick reply,

    Sounds good. Look forward to it.


  • Great article and so easy to read, even though I don't work with XML much. Now I know how do it if I ever need to. Thank you!

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