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  • I was just wondering what other people are using for a backup solution. I have worked with legato, veritas datacenter, and arcserve2000. I don't use any of them anymore to backup databases directly. I use sql backup to dump the files to disk then use the backup software to move them to tape. I was thinking about doing log shipping to a backup db server for some of the busy databases to keep i/o down on the box. Between dumping the databases, moving them to the right file system then backing them up accross the backup network to tape i/o on some of the systems can be busy. Any other solutions out there?

  • Nope, same scenario as you. Tired of struggling with the Veritas problems (kept setting trunc. log on checkpt following backup) and then having to pay for the SQL Backup Client license so, went with the standard SQL backups and using Veritas to back up those files. I guess this is somewhat of a control issue as well as I did not have control over the Veritas backups being done and that makes me slightly uncomfortable.



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  • Yep, it's a control issue with me as well. My last job wouldn't let me dump to disk the backup admin acused me of bypassing his backup plan and they forced legato on me. It took all of 3 weeks before it bit us in the arse. Legato backed up the db but it had corruption from ether the backup or bad tape. It was also real prone to not back up ether if legato thought the db was too busy it simply wouldn't back it up. restoring the db's wasn't that bad with legato most of the time I would restore to a temp db server then do a compare and just restore effected tables. Oh, did I mention my previous employers had a bad habbit of doing dev work on live production db's? The last major outage we had I quit. The bulk of my complaints were backup related issues and security (all developers had sa access to production db's and hard coded apps to use sa). If we didn't have all the security issues I wouldn't have needed the backups so bad 🙂 Oh well, I'm doing it "my way" these days.

  • We do both. Our SQL Servers are backed up by ArcServeIT 2000 (don't get me started with the problems we had with the 6.1 client) once a night. However, since we have systems requiring hourly differential backups, we copy off all backups to a file server which is backed up nightly as well.

    K. Brian Kelley

    K. Brian Kelley

  • Are you choosing log shipping for a backup solution or a failover solution? I've got to agree with you about the 3rd party agents to backup SQL Server. I've tried using these in the past and had about a 90% success rate at restoring the databases. That 10% scared the heck out of me so I just use them to backup the dump files.

    Brian Knight

  • log shipping as a backup solution on busy servers. All the servers that are big enough to require log shipping are already setup in active/passive clusters.

  • We have both, but part of our system is remote, so I dump to disk, then ftp to LAN and snag it on tape.

    My preference is in one of my articles, but basically:

    dump locally (db and log)

    copy to remote disk

    backup on tape.

    Of course, you need a process to manage deletions as well.

    Steve Jones

  • are you using a scheduler to move the files off via ftp? I was thinking of something like that because of the firewall issues we have. We don't have any remote customers at this point but we do have a dark fibre customer in the background.

  • I'd vote for the SQL dump to disk as well. Easy and reliable.


  • I actually have a neat process that I am writing up in an article. It should be done in the next week, but I am not sure when it will release. Once it finishes, I'll send you a copy.

    Steve Jones

  • I currently use sql backup to backup to ether directly to the file server or to the local disk. All backups are held on disk for a week. I've got a restore script that takes date ranges, server name, and root directory of backups. So, if I have to do a restore I just fire off the restore it loads the last good backup with all diffs and transaction log backups and puts the db back into production.

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