Backup\ Restore completion Status.

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  • Thanks Jason and everyone for putting up your valuable suggestion and comments. Many Thanx. Might be the question looked a little confusing due to the keywords which I used (E.g, table in place DMV), well, I am pretty good to see our experts are not only experts infact they are indeed a good MENTOR.

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  • vk-kirov (5/19/2010)

    Kari Suresh (5/19/2010)

    where and how we can use this? Anybody can explain with an example?

    For example, it may be very useful when a big transaction rolls back and you want to know the progress status of the rollback.

    Here is a simple example. First of all, let's create a table and fill it with the data (it took 5 minutes on my local machine, and 1800 MB on the hard drive (800 MB for the data file and 1000 MB for the log file)).



    CREATE TABLE RollbackTest (a CHAR(8000))




    INSERT RollbackTest VALUES ('test')

    GO 100000

    Here we have a huge uncommitted transaction. Let's roll it back (it took 6 minutes on my local machine):


    We can monitor the rollback progress in another window:

    SELECT percent_complete, *

    FROM sys.dm_exec_requests

    WHERE session_id = <spid of the rollback process>

    Also we can monitor the progress of backups/restores/etc.

    Of course, we can't see the execution progress of queries (such as SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE/etc).

    Very Nice explanation. Answered alot of questions and confusions.

    And Very informative QOTD Saurov. Thanks.

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  • Nice question (I saw it after the change from "table"). Nice example from vk_kirov made it clear how it can be used.


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