Backup of encrypted databases failing

  • I've had some backups of my encrypted databases failing with the error "BACKUP 'DBName' detected an error on page (10:12345) in file 'D:\path\DBName_File.ndf'

    The databases were originally encrypted on a production server and restored to a DEV environment, which may be relevant. All the databases on the DEV server are encrypted, but only two were restored from another server after being encrypted, and only these 2 restored databases are giving errors during the backup. This is also not consistent as we have been able to do a manual backup of each database, but half an hour later when the automated backup kicked in we get the page error again. Several manual attempts after that also return the page error, and the page number is never the same page.

    When we run a DBCC CHECKDB it doesn't return any errors, a DBCC PAGE ('TExxxxxxDEV', 10, 12345, 3) doesn't show any obvious issues like page numbers being wrong.

    Also of concern is that these are the only really active databases on DEV, so there's the possibility that there's a problem with short term consistency in an encrypted database (that's been restored from another server).

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  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • The databases are using TDE or column level encryption?


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