Azure SQL or MariaDB (or perhaps PostgreSQL)?

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    I got a question about a new system to be located in Azure. The system will have a fair amount of traffic, perhaps somewhere around 100 requests per second. Each request will be handled and logged. Perhaps the log items will be updated with more data during the request (which usually will last a few seconds). My guess is that we will have tables with a few 100 miljon rows.

    I've been working for a long time with development using Visual Studio, I also was certified for an older version of SQL Server. So my first instinct is to go with Azure SQL.

    MariaDB is also an option mentioned, due to the significant difference in cost. I have worked a bit with MariaDB, but from my (limited) experience, it is slower and less flexible. But I have hard to pull out facts or differences to motivate the higher cost.

    Perhaps you guys can help me with some input on this?

    Or perhaps my instinct is wrong, and MariaDB is as suitable as Azure SQL for this system?

  • Well, for a data collection mechanism like this, I might consider skipping relational data entirely. Instead, look at CosmosDB and use MongoDB to do it.

    However, if push came to shove and I did go with a relational data store for what you're describing, I'd have more faith in Azure SQL Database running fast enough compared to MariaDB or PostgreSQL. I'm not knocking either one, but in terms of pure performance, no other measures, the underlying SQL Server architecture is superior to the open source databases. Since you're in a situation where you're not sweating licensing costs, I'd focus on architecture, so Azure SQL Database wins.

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  • I'd focus on what you know. Ultimately the cost difference with Azure SQL, Maria as a PaaS service, PostgreSQL, etc. will be small compared to you understanding the system and working with it. Especially as requirements change and you tune the system. They all can work, or they call can fail. Go with your knowledge.

  • This is a bit like saying I have something that I want to store in the pantry.  What type of container should I use?

    What does the data you're trying to store actually look like?

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