Autoloader Tape Drives and SQL 7

  • Is it possible to set SQL 7 up to use an autoloader tape drive? I've managed to set up a tape device on one of our SQL installs with a single DLT drive which works fine, but I can't seem to make it talk on the server with a 7 slot autoloader DLT drive.

    Thanks in advance.

    Robert Elmes

  • Not sure why it would make a difference. Are you going to back up directly to tape, or to disk first and from there to tape? Just out of curiousity, what kind of dlt drive and is it on the HCL?


  • I am trying to get SQL to backup directly to the Tape.

    The drive is a Quantum DLT7000 and it is on the HCL.

    Currently we use Backup Exec 8.5 on that server and it works fine - but I'm trying to do an automated Backup & then redirected restore and it isn't possible to automate it with Backup Exec. I've worked out how to do it with SQL backup - but can't get that to talk to the tape drive.


  • If you've got the space, you could write the backup to disk, move it over, then restore it. Quite a few of us have our SQL Server backups being written to disk and being backed up from the file perspective, rather than allowing a backup software use a SQL agent to try and get a SQL Server backup.

    K. Brian Kelley

    K. Brian Kelley

  • You have to use something like Veritas or arcserve to control the tape library autoloader features. SQL doesn't have a way to rotate out tapes that I know of. I could be wrong, I have been before :). I do dumps to disk then send them to a single server and then back that up to disk.

  • From Dells web site on SQL disaster recovery:

    More sophisticated and expensive third-party backup tools provide enhanced functionality, such as full autoloader and tape library

    support. However, Enterprise Manager in SQL Server 2000 Enterprise provides capabilities that should satisfy many database requirements in small-to-medium-complexity data centers.

    So no autoloaders not supported by sql backup.


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