Are you a "hunt and pecker" or a "typist"?

  • It's been at least 15 years since the last time I clocked my touch typing but the last time I did it was 120 WPM when I was still in school and applying to be a Secretary/File Clerk at the hospital I worked at.

    The thought of H&Ping is just scarey to me. Way back in High School in the 80's you had to take a touch typing class before they'd let you take a programming class. Once I learned the power of being able to write reports in no time at all because I could almost type as fast as I could think, I was sold on the power of touch typing.

    The fact that I can churn out SQL at that speed is just bonus.

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  • Hunt and pecker here! When words, or codes, are coming from my mind to my fingers, I seem to be able to type relatively quickly and accurately. The speed at which I type is 80 words per minute.

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  • touch-typist

    As part of my travels through the air force (transmissions/communications) we went through intensive typing training - at start of the course we were having 12 hours a week of typing.

    our training at a point was typing with the keyboard covered so we could not see the letters (also typing while receiving morse code)

    by the end of it we were beating the buffer on the siemens T1000 typewriter - this is 800 CPS (around 160 WMP) (see it here This was a great machine to type on.

    nowadays I am way slower - likely around 120-140 wpm

    QWERTY keyboard.

  • I use the first 2 fingers on each hand, and also the ring finger on my left hand for the 'A' key and the <shift> key. I use my thumbs for the space bar. I just types a few sentences and came out to about 30 wpm.

    No real need to type faster since in my line of work I type a word or 2, copy-paste, think a bit, type another work or 2, cut, copy, type, change my mind, undo, etc...

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