Are there any free resources/ebooks to develop database design and modeling ?

  • I want to develop my skills in database design and modeling. I found out some books like "The data model resource book revised edition volume 1". But they are not free. Are there any books to learn these skills.



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  • My opinion - you get what you pay for.

    The authors of the books need to make money, so they write books on what they know.

    If free training is what you are looking for, there is always youtube or searches for blog posts or blogs/stairways on SSC.

    Now, free isn't always bad either.  But I find that with a lot of free training (videos, books, blogs, etc.), you do get what you pay for.  There are some good books out there for free, but sometimes they focus on old versions of SQL Server or things that are not as much a best practice anymore due to advances in computer hardware.

    Have you checked out the "Books" section on here?  There are multiple pages of books and there may be one that has what you are looking for.

  • Go to youtube and search for "database design course normalization" for starters.


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  • The "Stairway" series here are very good. Always worth a read regardless of experience/knowledge. Here are two examples:



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  • I know it's not free, but it's good. I'd strongly suggest you be ready to invest in your own career and skills. Books are a pretty minor investment in the grand scheme of life.

    Louis Davidson is one of the best teachers on basic database design and normalization. Here's a link to his book. Just get it.

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