AOAG did not failover to other node

  • IMary

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    We had a crash on primary node, created memory dump. But AOAG group did not fail over to secondary node.

    So, when we encounter memory dump on primary, does AOAG will not fail over? are there any scenarios where AOAG fail over will not work?

  • as1981


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    Is anything showing in the cluster or SQL server logs?

    Does your cluster only consist of the two servers or do you have a third item such as a File Share Witness?

    Is the Availability Group set for automatic failover?

  • IMary

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    No information in the logs other than memory dump.

    We had failover as Manual. But if the primary is not healthy, will it not failover to secondary at all with Manual failover setting?


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  • Beatrix Kiddo


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    No, that's the point. If you want it to fail over automatically it needs to be set to automatic failover.

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