Analyzing a huge ( more than 10600 lines )stoc proc using cte

  • Hello commuty,

    Need your help,  your support and proposition!

    I'm analysis a huge stoc proc in sql server including a list of cte , but it's very complicated to understand the differents dependencies,

    Are there any tools or code that help to display a list of tables used in each cte !

    Or to show a query designe with a list of tables and filters ?

    Or a code to decrypt this code ?

    In advance thanks a lot,

  • SSMS can tell you dependencies for the procedure as a whole.

    At the CTE level, as far as I know, that will require a diligent data engineer.

    Be alert to the use of views vs. tables. Are any selecting from table-valued functions?

  • Peel one potato at a time.  Like Ratbak suggests above, it will require a "Diligent Data Engineer".  One of the best things to make as you go along, is a simple, functional flowchart.  It might take a whole wall in your cube but you're going to need it to understand both the flow and the "gazintas".  Don't put it off... start drawing it and keep it up as you go.  You might even have to make sub-flowcharts for each queery.  It'll be worth it.

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  • Execute the sproc in PlanExplorer ( free tool ) to record its full execution plan en explore the marvels of that tool.


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