An interview with the Exceptional DBA of the Year

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  • Dan, congratulations on being selected Exceptional DBA of the Year. Way to go! Very impressive AND you ride a Harley.

  • Dan, congratulations on this great award!!! Next year you will have me to compete against! May the best DBA win!:hehe::hehe::hehe::hehe::hehe::hehe::hehe:

    :-PManie Verster
    South Africa

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  • Dan,

    Congratulations on your award... 😎

    Here's a followup thought...

    Would you consider writing an article on the script you created to automate every database maintenance task and metric collection process for new installs?

    I have some things like that, but I'll bet that everyone (including me) could benefit from your experience...

    Thanks and Good Scripting!

    Larry Hawkes

  • Congratulations, Dan. I too would love to have a look at the scripts you've developed to automate maintenance. Now that you're the Exceptional DBA of the Year, here's your chance to extend your "continual[ly] learning and teaching" to a wider audience.

    Best wishes,


  • Congratulations Dan! Reading the interview was inspiring. Your comments displayed the kind of intentful forward thinking that brought you the award.

    I'm interested in the standardization maintenance script and how it handles the different DB requirements. Specifically, how do you address databases where the data does not change often, versus databases where the data changes a lot. Or those that use full text indexes, and those that don't. Or those where the vendor supplied application guidelines indicate YES or NO to rebuilding indexes. Do you perform analysis before building the SQL system and apply one of several preset methodologies? Do you handle all system db's on all systems the same or differently within the script?

    With only a few servers and DB's to handle, I keep trying to figure out how best to provide maintenance to what appears to me to be completely different needs. I'm self taught so part of my education is just trying different methods and continuing to read up. I have put off gathering data into some type of a table or report, but want to move this forward.

  • Dan,

    This makes me think we need to get you in front of the user group more often! We are really proud of you here in St. Louis. Congratulations!


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  • Outstanding accomplishments, Dan. Well deserved award!

    --Jeff Moden

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  • Thank you all for your comments, and to those that voted for myself and all the finalists. As you can see in the posts I have had a few inquiries regarding the maint. scripts that I utilize and yes I will start putting together an article. It will probably be a multi-part article as my current script file is over 8900 lines of T-SQL. Hope you read my last article in the SSC newsletter on May 21 2008, . But, I first need to finish one I have started. It's on a little process I just completed that reads an outlook calendar (vbscript) and inserts the data into a SQL database. Look forward to meeting some if not all of you at the SQL PASS Summit-2008 in Seattle.

    Dan McClain

  • Congratulations Dan on being selected Exceptional DBA of the Year. Great achivement...

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