Add Blank Page in a Reporting Services

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    I have a tablix with 3 groups Deparment, Division, Office,

    I need to add a blank page after each office, I was using the break page option size, and didnt work.

    also I tried to add rectangle and make the brake after but it didnt work either,

    Pleas help.

  • logitestus


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    Isabel -  how are you testing the page breaks?  I have found that from time to time, the "Preview" in BIDS/Visual Studio is buggy and does not display correctly.  To get around this, if I believe I have the correct settings I will deploy the rdl to a test location (usually an "invisible" folder that I and the dev/IT ops staff have access to) and try viewing it there.

    I don't know if this helps but I hope it does.

  • meichmann


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    You can try this:
    At the bottom of your matrix, add 2 rows inside of the group.  in one of each cell in each row, add a rectangle.  Then go to the properties of each rectangle and select "Add page break after".  Let me know if that works for ya

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